bali magic

Had another I love bali moment today!!! Well I love yoga at desa seni, with my instructor tara trudell. Tonight I hit the jackpot by being the only person who turned up for the 5:45pm class, therefore getting an impromptu private lesson… this is the first of her evening classes I have ever taken… so while the class was amazing in usual way that tara’s class is amazing, there was a candle and flower mandala carefully placed after the sun went down… so while I was doing yoga to the glow of the candles of the mandala… I had to say thank you thank you thank you… this is my life!!!!


car blessing day

my car, which is what i call my scooter(i can’t get used to saying my bike), got blessed with the other vehicles by the balinese family i rent an apartment from. when i walked out to the car park, i found my car with two offerings on it. it is customary to leave the offerings on until they fall off or disintegrate. every time at i look at the offerings on my car i get so happy… the sweetness of the sentiment and gesture make makes me all warm and tingly inside. the ceremony took place before i woke, and emerged from my room. such a happy site to be greeted by. i hope the family can sense the gratitude i feel for being included in the ceremony.

Mr. Cocky

zucchini restaurant on oboroi is an australian owned gem of a restaurant. seems to me the aussies know how to eat! the food there is so flavorful and delicious. i am particular to their various salads which you can combine 3 for about 7 us dollars for an awesome lunch, which is precisely what i was doing when a chicken wanders into the adjacent balinese temple to steal crumbs from the offerings.

i am always charmed by how close to nature i am while here in bali, and even on a congested busy street like oboroi a neighbor’s chicken will just wander by… but… this particular cock… was a more than a bit cocky! he seems quite accustomed to life in the big city, evidenced by his dirty white feathers and puffed up attitude. after pecking away at the offering and knocking it all over the ground he approaches the fenced barrier between the temple and the restaurant and came and stood right before me where i sat at my table. he gave my salad a sideways glare, and i thought, this can’t be good.

i started throwing rocket (american’s call it arugula) leaves over the fence which he then dove for, pecked once, and would come back and stare me down again. i threw pasta over the fence, then bread, then various other lettuces… all of them pecked once then ignored! not the expected interaction with nature, but i am happy to report another unique bali experience.

don’t look where you don’t want to go or… look where you want to go

if your in the water and about to catch a wave and from no where you hear “beep beep” it’s me dropping in on you! but don’t worry we won’t collide because i have been practicing what my surf coach marcy says, “don’t look at them and you won’t hit them”… here is a still from a surf movie called “who is J.O.B.” that i watch over and over and over, because it inspires me sooooo much, of J.O.B. with a very intense focus on where he is going.
look where you want to go, is my new mantra, perhaps surfing will help me embody this practice!

mr gecko

i welcome the site of geckos here in indonesia. it means he’ll be eating the mosquitoes which are a far more annoying pest. this gecko was photographed at a friend’s villa where we witnessed a gecko biting another gecko’s tail. the geckos were out in full force at his place that night while we played guitar, and i enjoyed a bite free evening, unlike the gecko who got his tail bitten.